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Not fixat on numbers While it s nice to reach people with my message I m not overly fixat on numbers. At no time are the number of subscribers opening or click rates more important than the content I write. Content always comes before numbers. To me that is mindfulness. 7 I take social responsibility When I write a newsletter I want to contribute to peace diversity and inclusion and not to hatr discrimination or conspiracy theories. That s why I write in such a way that as many people as possible feel address and not exclud.

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If I share theories or information I check the facts to the best of my knowlge and belief and name sources. I write a newsletter and always have social responsibility in mind. To me that is mindfulness. 8 I m taking a break I go my Bahamas Phone Number List own pace and send out newsletters as regularly as feels right for me . When I feel I ne a break I take it. If I notice that a longer break would do me good I treat myself to it. Health takes precence over random to do lists and newsletter schules. To me that is mindfulness. 9 I don t use mindfulness as an excuse for invisibility For me “mindfulness” is not synonymous with invisibility.

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Resistance to going into visibility I don t talk nice to myself. I track down resistance to becoming visible. When I notice that… I don t know what to write in my newsletter I do not enjoy writing the newsletter I feel bad when I talk about my offer I m afraid of annoying people with my newsletter I get in touch with myself and ask myself Why DV Leads did I just lose the joy of my topic Do I still enjoy my topic at all Or have I chang Why is it that I don t enjoy contact with people right now Am I putting too much pressure on my emails Do I only want to meet the requirements of marketing coaches.

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