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You want it you ne it you get it Hopefully. Eventually. More weeks will pass before you have at least narrow down the selection to Active Campaign and ConvertKit. Hallelujah another step forward. Maybe if you ve read through 317 more Google reviews and pepper the support teams who now know you by your first name with questions you can finally decide on a newsletter tool in two years time by Christmas. Until then you won t be able to use the power of the newsletter for yourself.

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But without the perfect newsletter tool you wouldn t have a chance anyway. Procrastination Type 3 Procrastination Tunneling Your word of the year is Sales Funnel. And every year again. You spend every free minute of the day optimizing your sales funnel. Because you know Nothing works without the “right” sales funnel. You Honduras Phone Number List ve got an offer a pretty cool one if you re being honest but you re not going out with it you still ne the perfect upsell for it. Or would you prefer a downsell A cross sell A bundle A tripwire You do not know. But what you do know is that your offer doesn t stand a chance until the entire funnel stands out in its beauty simplicity and elegance.

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Zero Nadanever. As long as the sales funnel is not right your offer has no place on your website. Instead of going into visibility and doing marketing for the cool product you already have you funnel yourself from day to day. whining that it s so hard to be successful online. Procrastination Type 4 Procrastiplanning you love DV Leads plans Above all. They also call you Queen of Excel. And you nam your child asana in a moment of enlightenment. And the dog Trello. Plans give you security. Plans give you structure. You wouldn t want to give up plans for anything in the world also in your business.

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