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The ethical reasons The first reason is ethical, of course. As a business, it is your responsibility to provide equal access to your site for people with disabilities. Computers and the internet have become fundamental elements of modern life. To have full access to information, resources, culture and administrative procures, it is necessary to be able to access the web. However, we are not all equal in the way of seeing and understanding the information display. Hence the importance of adapting to all types of visitors! Legal reasons In France, there is a decree on digital accessibility.

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Some players in the public and private sector have a legal obligation to make their website accessible to visually impair people, but also to people with disabilities in general. This obligation applies to: Legal persons under public law. Legal Italy Business Email List persons under private law with a public service or general interest mission. Companies with more than 250 million euros in turnover in France. Your company is not affect by this decree? Nothing says that this will always be the case, so it is better to anticipate. SEO optimization Good practices in terms of web accessibility coincide with those of SEO, mobile friendly design and ergonomics.

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For example, adding alt text to images and transcriptions to videos are powerful techniques for accessibility, but also for SEO. Adapting your website to the visually impair requires organizing and structuring it in a logical, understandable DV Leads and clearly visible way, using categories, headers and content. This organization also improves your SEO efforts. Improving your brand image By making your website accessible to people with visual disabilities, your company will appear to be socially responsible. You show that you care about others, especially your customers. This will improve your brand image with your entire audience, which can translate into increas sales. Access to a new market About 2.9% of the French population has a visual impairment.

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