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You get an overall analysis of the last 28 days, all stories combin: Facebook stories statistics This graph lets you know the unique opens and interactions. Further down, you see the details of the latest stories with, again, the opens and interactions, as well as the “forward slips”. This last data shows you the number of times a viewer has slid the cursor to move to the next slide. This therefore marks the interest of your subscribers for the information transmitt! Facebook stories statistics Don’t hesitate to use it to refine your Facebook stories strategy, generate more interactions, engagement and above all, conversions.

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Our tip for your Facebook stories To thrive today, it is difficult to do without social networks. Think “marketing on Facebook”, it gives you chances to enhance your image, promote your brand and your products. If you’re short on time, consider social mia management tools like Hootsuite for example. Facebook stories gives Austria Business Email List brands an opportunity to share authentic content with their community. But also to show another facet of their products, values ​​and services. Take the opportunity to energize your audience, by offering different but relevant content!How to adapt your website for the visually impair? 7 months ago2,276 views9 minutes Adapting your website for the visually impair On, quickly find a freelancer to carry out your Web marketing project.

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See available webmarketing consultants The question of adapting your website for the visually impair is crucial. However, only 10% of French sites are accessible to people with visual disabilities. However, they are nearly 1.7 million in France DV Leads with visual aid devices to browse the web. Why optimize your website for the visually impair? How to improve accessibility by following web recommendations? We tell you everything in this article! Reasons to adapt your website to the visually impair Before explaining how to optimize your website for the visually impair, let’s see the importance of web accessibility as a whole.

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