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This means that as an organization you must be able to record data from all contact moments, both online and in person. PostNL has more than 4,200 parcel points in the Benelux, the website attracts approximately 780 million visitors per year and the app has 6.2 million users. “The channels our customers use are changing at a rapid pace, so you have to make sure you’re on the right channels at the right time so that your customers have that omni-channel experience,” said Krom. “The user experience can always be better, especially from a digital point of view.” On the way to a better world PostNL has many more improvements in store to exce customer expectations, such as even more personaliz self-service options for business customers and new online customer journeys.

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Ultimately, these not only lead to a distinctive customer experience, but also to more opportunities to absorb future peaks in demand. For Krom and PostNL, however, improving the customer experience is just the beginning. “We really want to mean something to society, so we also look at things like meaning. We all have to think Hungary WhatsApp Number List about how we can make life a little better in a different way.” About PostNL Marcel Krom is CIO at PostNL, the leading mail and parcel delivery service in the Netherlands. PostNL has been delivering mail in the country for more than 220 years, serving both consumers and business customers.

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The company operates nearly 11,500 mailboxes in the Netherlands and has more than 4,200 retail locations in the Benelux.The nine mobile tools for an excellent digital customer experience IN COMMERCE , COMMUNICATIONS , CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE , MOBILE Paying for your lunch with a mobile wallet is just DV Leads one of the ways mobile technology is changing the customer experience. Stocksy Unit] Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! Research shows that it is expect that 72% of all e-commerce transactions will be done via mobile this year.

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