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For example, PostNL has built an app on Salesforce with which postal deliverers can always access all important facilities, for example to schule their holidays or have their bicycle repair. In addition, the company – which now generates 60% of its turnover through e-commerce – uses Salesforce to align all customer support activities, measure its social footprint and personalize customer communications. “With Salesforce we can innovate faster, integrate everything smarter and collaborate better,” says Krom. Thanks to this digital foundation, PostNL was able to respond quickly and flexibly to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Krom is the first to admit that digital transformation is no easy feat. “All the building blocks have to be right and you have to know how your infrastructure works. If you make a mistake somewhere, the whole system can collapse like a house of cards.” He also gives a tip to ensure that every digital pilot runs smoothly and to choose a generous deadline for your projects. “You really shouldn’t underestimate how much time a digital Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List transformation takes,” says Krom. When PostNL start the digital process, the company want to get rid of all old systems as quickly as possible. “If you have old systems running alongside your new digital solutions, it’s almost impossible to keep track of customer experience data. You really ne one central source of information for that,” says Krom.

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Better data leads to a better customer experience A 360-degree customer. Overview is essential if you want to take communication and interaction with your customers to the next level. Two-thirds of customers expect DV Leads companies to know exactly what they ne and expect, and 52% of customers expect offers to always be personaliz. “You really ne to have data of the very best quality. That’s why delivering the right data to the right teams was one of the spearheads of our transformation,” says Krom. 74% of customers say they use multiple channels to complete a single transaction.

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