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Everyone knows how great it is when you receive a text message with a date and time – for example, when you are making plans with friends or schuling an appointment via text message – and the text is actually a link that adds a new calendar entry. Business technology like Salesforce Anywhere takes full advantage of such automat information flows by connecting not only your inbox and calendar, but all your critical data in emails, chats, files, and shar documents. “ Virtual collaboration between internal teams on a centraliz platform like Salesforce gave my clients a constant.” MATTHEW WARNICKE, AN ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE AT SALESFORCE IN DENVER For example, with Salesforce Inbox, your team can add deals directly from the inbox to your customer relationship management ( CRM ) system.

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Employees can instantly update sales data and automatically record customer interactions. All without leaving their inbox. By integrating your inbox into your CRM, you also improve the data flow between key employees, teams and departments – such as sales and service. As a result, information is accessible anytime, anywhere to anyone Belgium Phone Number List in your company who nes it to collaborate, make decisions, and close deals in real time. 3. Learn to prioritize your customers If you’re working on multiple deals at the same time, you ne to understand which customers you’re paying most attention to at what time. This can be tricky in a world of digital sales and virtual meetings.

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With the right technology, you can spot signals that indicate when a deal is gaining momentum and communicate those signals to your team through automatic alerts and notifications. Sales automation tools like Sales Cloud with Einstein DV Leads Opportunity Scoring are a great option for faster review of leads and prioritization of deals. “ Opportunity scores help me achieve success by prioritizing and closing more deals faster.” ALEXANDRA KUZNOWICZ, ACCOUNT MANAGER AT SALESFORCE IN TORONTO Sales automation software allows companies to prioritize customers with the highest potential and ensure teams take the right steps at the right time to follow up on leads and close deals.

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