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What can you do to set up sales reps for success while continuing to work remotely? Let’s take a look at three tips behind the success of distance selling teams that our own SMB sales teams have us to stay connect and meet their goals: 1. Set goals to keep distance selling teams focus Goal setting is a proven technique for motivating teams and keeping employees focus. With cloud-bas tools, you can turn the iconic sales leaderboard into a group of digital dashboards that show you exactly what your team nes to focus on. Salesforce’s integrat dashboards are easy to use and highly customizable – perfect for bringing teams together and motivating employees wherever they work.

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If you don’t come to the office and miss the team structure, you are not motivat by others around you, but you are completely controll by your sales dashboard” MISHKA KING, ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE AT SALESFORCE IN CHICAGO When you’re ready for the next step, start creating a virtual sales culture. Pilar Schenk, Vice President Australia Phone Number List of Global Sales Operations at McAfee, explains that creating a powerful virtual culture starts with understanding your sales team’s nes and leveraging technology. 2. Connect systems to optimize information flow Information overload was a real problem in the days when we all work in the same office.

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When we could only keep in touch through laptops and phone screens last year. It became even more important to properly manage your inbox. And now there are also the problems of exhausting video calls and a surplus of administrative DV Leads tasks (just think of the increasingly longer working days and the blurring of the line between work and free time since we work from home). Everyone will wonder: couldn’t it be better? Fortunately, it really can be better. Connect your systems and platforms, where possible, to optimize the information flow and remove unnecessary tasks. A simple example is automatic email and calendar management.

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