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Can I add a table of contents to my blog articles afterwards But yes You can update blog articles at any time add to them or add a table of contents. Your blog readers will love it and so will Google. Does Squarespace have a table of contents plugin Unfortunately no. If you have a Squarespace site and want a table of contents for your blog articles you ne to work with anchor links. Sounds complicat but is quite simple. What name can I give my anchor In principle you can give your anchor any name you like Anchor Buy Pizza Go crazy.

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However you can only name the anchor once per page . Is the anchor name case sensitive Yes. If your code has div id PIZZA div in uppercase but you use the id pizza in lowercase the shortcut will not work. Correct would be Chile Phone Number List div id PIZZA div PIZZA or div id pizza div pizza or div id pizza div pizza Etc. Can I link to the anchor from elsewhere Yes. When you ve assign an anchor to a section the unique ID becomes part of the URL . This allows you to copy the URL from the browser line and link directly to the section.

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For example if I tell someone about FOBO and say I wrote about that in a blog post the other day I can use the URL https  blog fomo fear of missing out fobo link directly to the relevant section. Blog readers win without social mia It s not DV Leads possible May 13th “Hi Alex nobody would read my blog if I didn t share the posts on social mia. Or how else do I get readers for my blog if I don t use social mia Hey thanks for your question. If you re one of the lucky ones who gets blog readers via social mia then Congrats.

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