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I fin waiting lts wonerfully relax an uncomplicat for both parties. People who are generally interest in my mastermin. Put themselves on a waiting lt even if I haven t eci on the etails yet. As soon as the perio scope of services an price have en fix I will sen them 2 3 emails an let them know. Communicate natural shortage s . For me there a big ifference tween artificial an natural scarcity . Natural scarcity has a goo unerstanable reason like a limit numr of participants in orer to able to support everyone in the st possible way limits free slots for mentoring cause the ay has 24 hours an I can’t have more.

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This will strengthen your role as a mentor not weaken it A perfect place for this is your About Me page . Place your story here and tell about the small or big crises that are similar to those of your customers. Describe your feelings South Korea Phone Number List and use a magnifying glass to go into crucial situations. Understand what the real problem is and focus your communication heavily on what the hero wants at that moment . Regardless of what he needs . You can always come to that later. Your website is about him knowing IM right here.

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Especially how they say it. When you articulate the expressions the questions the hurdles in their words and get off your jargon they feel like you really understand them. You should make this exercise a habit and never stop learning the language of your customers . Take notes during conversations ask for challenges in surveys DV Leads and use the phrases that come up over and over again. You can incorporate these into all your marketing texts and refine them over and over again. Be vulnerable… …and openly share pain points you ve felt and overcome before Because almost nothing creates more resonance and closeness than admitting that you too were faced with such challenges were desperate didn t know what to do anymore.

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