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Rapid Development of Technology

Basically, technology will continue to evolve. That way those of you who run an online business must do the same thing, namely continue to develop your business by continuing to follow existing technology trends.   Keeping abreast of existing technological developments can also make it easier for you to carry out business challenges if you are able […]

5 Challenges in Business and Strategies to Overcome Them

In the digital era like now, of course you are familiar with seeing business people facing a lot of business problems and business challenges. Especially in online business which is the most popular business by many people.  Why is online business a favorite for prospective business people? The reason is because they don’t need to spend […]

Evaluation with Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are important for online businesses, because several. Customer reviews regarding product testimonials will be able to be taken into consideration for those who want to try to buy. You as an online business owner must ensure that there is a regular. Evaluation of product sales performance so that your business can grow and […]

What Is Digital Marketing?

You really have to determine who is the target market for the products you are going to sell online. Also make sure that in terms of determining the target market, you understand the value of the product you offer. In this case, you need to first compare product prices from competitors so that you can […]

ways to sell online selling well for beginners and tips!

Thinking of starting your own business? For a beginner, of course it’s not easy because there are many challenges that you have to face, given the current technological developments that have given rise to many competitors in the world of online business. However, not a few of these online businesses stop in the middle of the […]

Create Personalized Experiences 

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a highly personalize and targeted marketing strategy that focuses on individual businesses. In this strategy, marketing is planned and implement in a way that engages target customers . generates  valuable conversations and relationships, and meets their specific needs.Create Personalized In recent years, ABM has become one of the most popular marketing […]

From inbound strategy to account based marketing

What is account – based marketing ? It is a marketing technique aimed at intercepting (and then communicating with) a specific target , identifying the tone of voice, the topics and levers of interest towards the target interlocutor and subsequently informing him about a specific service or product, indicating the aspects , the specifics, the useful information that are really of […]

 Bottom line, ABM is still one of the most

Leveraging Digital Platforms : Digital platforms, such as social media . programmatic advertising, and email marketing, are powerful tools for ABM. It is crucial to leverage these platforms to reach your target customers in a personalized way. For example, use programmatic advertising to display personalized ads to your target customers or send personaliz.   Bottom line most emails to […]

How to make account-based marketing work better

The marketing funnel aimed at the Account Based Marketing process does not in fact aim to attract leads to a landing page towards a fast conversion process, but rather aims to attract a small and specific number of contacts with whom to start a personalization and engagement process aimed at creating of a relationship that is not fast and […]

Digital Business Consulting With Sasana Digital

From the above review of the duties and responsibilities of a business consultant, you can see that business development out there is certainly inseparable from the role of a business consultant who is competent in his field. There are at least 3 main roles that can be identifi when working with a business consultant, namely: […]

Identify and Evaluate Business Strengths and Weaknesses

As a person who provides business consulting services, a business consultant must be able to identify problems that exist in the client’s business. In addition, he must also be able to evaluate what are the advantages and disadvantages that exist in the business. The responsibilities of a business consultant at this stage cover various aspects, such […]