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The solution was up and running throughout the unit in just three weeks. “We are constantly seeing an increase in usage. We have proven that we can deliver quickly and successfully and now employees want more,” says Amne. “Employees keep asking – can we do this next week?” Leverage analytics Although unusual for a first release, NIBC immiately decid to add Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics ). “Throughout my career, I’ve learn that you can have great systems where employees enter data, but what matters is what you get out of it,” says Amne. “That’s why it was crucial to me that we add Einstein right away. Now we can answer the questions we already had, plus new questions.

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Today, every board meeting is held with Einstein dashboards . “Everything is on display – the scoreboard, the sales funnel – and the insight allows us to work in a whole new way,” says Amne. A 5 star project Amne and her team are currently working on the next major release that will bring the entire customer crit lifecycle into Iceland Phone Number List Salesforce and integrate NIBC’s risk management system. When ask what tips she would give other organizations that want to roll out Salesforce quickly, Amne has clear advice ready: “Take time to develop a good plan before you start and invest time to make sure everyone on the team understands exactly what you want to realize,” she says. “And always lead by example. This means stepping in, interfering and being involv.

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Don’t leave things to others.” NIBC was so pleas with the project that it gave Salesforce Professional Services a perfect CSAT score. “It was intense but extremely rewarding,” concludes Amne. “It was also the most fun project I’ve ever DV Leads work on.” Learn about groundbreaking new ways to enrich customer relationships with Financial Services Cloud . Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! You ne the right information to make the right business decisions. As organizations increasingly digitize their processes, they collect more and more customer data.

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