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Customers expect an immiate expert answer to their questions. How can companies ensure that they actually provide that answer? State of Sales, 4th ition What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is a strategy in which a company tries to attract potential customers through SEO-focus online content (blogs, white papers, etc.) and social mia activity . This leads to inbound sales calls: calls to your company at the initiative of a potential customer. Prospects pick up the phone for a number of reasons: because they want information about a product or service, because they have a general question about the company or because they want to buy something.

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Inbound sales calls are the opposite of outbound sales calls, where salespeople themselves call prospects with the intent of selling them something. The telephone variant of outbound marketing comes in two types: cold calling (unsolicit contact to generate sales) and warm calling (to leads with whom there has been some form of contact before). It goes without saying that the result is variable. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is a Italy Phone Number List perfect way to get qualifi leads . After all, prospects already show an active interest in what the company has to offer. You can offer more value, because your offer fits seamlessly with customer demand. With data you can keep track of how successful your campaigns are, you know where the points for improvement lie and you discover what works and what doesnt.

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If you adjust your marketing strategy to what your data tells you. This information will lead to successful leads in no time . Be more productive and innovative with good data management Data management is the key to a productive and innovative company. Make sure that your company does not act on the basis of a gut feeling, but on the DV Leads basis of the right knowlge. Do you want to know more? Download the e-book ‘5 Productivity. Tips for Small Businesses’ and discover how your company can get the most out of data. This way you can boost productivity within your company.

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