The objective of these tools is to limit development

With the right tools, you plan, organize, collaborate, create graphic or textual content or even see the ROI of your actions… These tools automate certain tasks in your digital project. This gives you more time to focus on other tasks.  costs, increase your productivity and the speed of execution of your strategy. Here are some tools I recommend: Create an interactive steering board with project stakeholders via the Trello tool , The Microsoft Office 365 suite allows via  its video conferencing tool, to lead meetings with several people remotely, to share media, and to use the software of the Office suite

Do not hesitate to hunt for promotional

To create engaging visual content in the colors of your company,  is a great tool, To create a website easily and without coding, you can use  perhaps a bit less intuitive than others.

but much better technically tolerated and more flexible, And to send superb promotional emails to your prospects and/or animate your internal communication, you can use whose Austria Phone Number List free formula is very complete. codes, the tools presented above are often available at preferential rates. And of course, don’t forget the essentials: LinkedIn, Google Ads, Google Analytics… these tools also make it possible to justify the validity of your digital strategy by relying on data to communicate internally.

Communicate internally on your strategy

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The first tactic, for the merits of any digital transition project, is to find support for yourself.As in politics, you go on a campaign.

The basis of the success of a digital transformation is based on the support of employees, teams or management – ​​depending on your position. Take advantage of a few informal meetings

or nice calls from your “friends” to tell them about your strategy. Ask them what DV Leads they think individually. Then provoke a confcall all together , to take the temperature and their ideas. Then determine with them what are the best ways to involve all the teams concerned.m,Bring together all these beautiful people in the “agile workshop” format  and together determine the actions to be taken.

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