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Of this group, 96% turn out to be women, for whom the pay gap was inexplicable. We still regularly evaluate whether the salaries are fair and everyone is treat equally. Gender equality through Family First We support all our employees who are mothers or fathers and want to combine work and family with the so-call Family First principle. That means we support everyone to put their family first: men and women. Due to flexibility in working hours, care tasks can be distribut more equally. In addition, we think it is important that there are equal rights to leave.

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For example, partner leave is paid for 100% for a minimum of 5 weeks and, as a secondary caregiver, you are entitl to 3 months’ leave that you can use at your own discretion. Equal ucation by RefugeeForce RefugeeForce is a program in the Netherlands that helps create equal opportunities for refugees. We invest in motivat and talent Canada Phone Number List asylum seekers and status holders who struggle to find a job that matches their interests, experience and ambitions. Through an intensive Salesforce program, we prepare talent participants with technical and professional training and provide them with practical skills, knowlge and the personal network they ne to succe in the technology sector. Outforce for LGBTQ+ Acceptance and ucation Equality also means acceptance of everyone.

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That is why there is a group active in the Netherlands that focuses on LGBTQ+ acceptance and ucation, call Outforce . In recent years, Outforce in the Netherlands has been the driving force behind, among other things, the Salesforce boat during Pride Week, which was again cancel this year due to COVID-19, but we also celebrat diversity this DV Leads Pride Week . But it doesn’t stop at one week, because Outforce ensures that acceptance receives attention throughout the year . Equal opportunities for women with Galforce The Galforce program is a collaboration between Salesforce and SheMatters ; an organization that helps refugee women to a future in the Netherlands.

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