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In addition she uses the so call OPA strategy other people s audiences and reaches the target groups of other entrepreneurs through cooperation . She also relies on search engine optimization . Being very niche it immiately shows up relatively high in the search results when someone searches for its keywords. And finally she also has a podcast works a lot with interviews and in turn reaches the target groups of other people. So scaling definitely works without social mia. Thank you for the exciting interview Simone.

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Resilience for entrepreneurs How the self employ master crises and grow from them Interview with Bettina Bergmann 20th June Bettina Bergmann is a resilience coach and helps committ women entrepreneurs to discover New Zealand Phone Number List their unique nature and to be successful by trusting themselves and their abilities. In an interview she reveals how the self employ and entrepreneurs can master crises and develop resilience. Dear Bettina what exactly does resilience mean Thank you for asking this exact question at the beginning. To be honest I am always amaz that many people do not actually know what exactly is meant by resilience.

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Resilience has a lot to do with re action . A prospect doesn t book my course doesn t sell a friend gets a cancer diagnosis I can despair or I know a way to get me out of my emotional misery. And that is exactly what resilience is what keeps people mentally healthy during and after experiencing stress. And what characterizes a resilient DV Leads person May I tell you about myself I think I m the best example of a resilient person. In 2013 my husband di of a brain tumor and 3 months later I had a heart attack. At that time I didn t know anything about useful strategies I guess I just intuitively did a lot of things right. I remember the night after the funeral clearly. It was warm. I sat alone on the balcony.

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