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Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! Next Sunday is Father’s Day. We have a lot of men at Salesforce who combine fatherhood with a (full-time) job. How do they do that? And what tips do they have for (new) fathers? We ask them the shirt off the body. Guido Klein Wolterink, Customer Success Manager “At the end of May I went back to work after three months of paternity leave. I lov being able to be with my family for the first few months, but it was also nice to be mentally challeng again and to use my professional skills. The first days after my leave were tough: a full agenda, a newborn baby (our son Benjamin) who has no rhythm yet, a 3.5-year-old toddler who nes attention and an ambitious partner who is studying full-time for her Bachelor at the University.

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Partly for that reason, I love the way Salesforce supports me and my family bas on the ‘family-first’ principle. In any case, three months of paternity leave is of course generous. Before the birth of my first child, my daughter Jackie, I had been collecting vacation days for a year when I heard that secondary care givers such as Bahrain Phone Number List fathers, second mothers or adoptive parents would receive three months’ leave: great! Salesforce gives secondary caregivers the option to use those three months of leave as they see fit. When my daughter was born, I chose to take two months off first.

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I sav the last free month for a later date. About a year and a half ago we got pregnant again, but unfortunately it went wrong late in the pregnancy (38 weeks). That was very tough. Suddenly no more paternity leave, but with the DV Leads support of my managers and colleagues I was able to drop everything for two months. That time was indispensable in processing our loss. We are now parents again. So from Benjamin. Being a father and having a family means finding balance and planning; I learn that during the first years of Jackie’s life.

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