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During corona, the Dutch leadership team want to make sure that the mental health of employees was properly monitor and that extra attention was paid to advice on wellbeing. We spoke to Nathalie a year ago when she was appoint as the first Wellbeing Advisor . She has now been strengthen by Iris, among others. Nathalie and Iris: “As Wellbeing Advisors, we are part of an active wellbeing committee with 4 women. We regularly have calls to discuss health-relat topics or plan events and we regularly send posts from our internal communication tool Slack to highlight wellbeing. Through a monthly check-in with our Dutch country leader Michiel van Vlimmeren, we discuss current affairs and speak with managers to see how their team is doing.

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Taboo on mental health problems “We try to reach everyone who is mentally or physically struggling and invite them to talk about this. This can be with their manager , with us or with a professional, as Salesforce also offers free El Salvador WhatsApp Number List coaching sessions, for example. Unfortunately, there is still a taboo on the subject of mental health. For example, we notice that not everyone feels comfortable enough to be open and honest about their personal challenges, for example when someone is in danger of becoming overwork. It is more difficult for managers to identify mental problems, such as burnout or depression, now that they have been working from home for so long.

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We want to keep emphasizing that Salesforce really is a safe environment and that it’s totally okay to report if you don’t feel okay for a while.” How we tackle these challenges “In the context of ‘following a good example’, we regularly DV Leads organize ‘personal story’ sessions in which a colleague shares his or her story about a period of stress, sadness, setbacks or other challenges in life and how they, with help environment and tools that Salesforce offers have recover. We also have another less obvious challenge.

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