What is Paid Promote? Let’s Understand the Benefits & Strategies!

In addition, you need to determine the channel that you will use for your campaign, whether to use organic or paid channels.

Organic campaigns that you can choose for example SEO, social media, or email marketing. Meanwhile, for paid campaigns, you can choose SEM, display ads, Facebook Ads, or others.

Besides these things, paying attention to when the campaign was published can also be a factor that is no less important. The right timing can affect your engagement campaign .

For example, if your content gets more engagement between 1pm and 3pm, you should publish your campaign at those times as well.

 Evaluate Digital Campaign Performance

Finally, the stage in creating a digital marketing campaign is evaluation. You need to measure how well the campaign you have created is performing. Do an evaluation according to the Bhutan Email List objectives of the marketing campaign that you have previously set.

For example, if the goal you set is to increase sales, see how much of your campaign leads your audience to buy your product or service.

Or, if your campaign goal is to increase brand awareness , look at how much CTR ( click-through rate ) or traffic is in your campaign.

 Get to know more about what is a brand?

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By measuring campaign performance, you will get various useful data information. So, when creating the next campaign you can be more focused.

To measure campaign performance, you can use marketing tools such as Google Analytics.

So, in essence, a digital campaign or marketing campaign is a marketing strategy to achieve certain business goals.

What you can then apply in making DV Leads campaigns includes setting goals. Setting target audiences, designing them, and evaluating their performance.

So, for those of you who are still confused about how to thoroughly understand the basic. Concepts of digital marketing , this online course is the right solution for you!

This online course will discuss fundamental things that must be known, up to the initial strategy for immediately developing a digital marketing strategy.

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