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Brent Hyer, in a post he wrote for the WEF . “By eveloping a talent strategy without traitional constraints such as location, companies can look beyon urban centers an recruit talent from new communities an regions.” Better access for marginaliz people The reskilling revolution helps people in marginaliz communities aroun the worl by proviing them with better access to technology an ucation so that they can gain better skills. Lay Mariéme Jamme, founer an CEO of iamtheCOE (an African-l coalition that aims to give women an girls better access to ucation in science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics an esign), call this the new oil uring the WEF . Jamme says you can’t get ahea in life if you on’t have the right skills.

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This prevents you from getting a job, which can lea to epression an loss of ignity. Someone gave her a chance as a teenager an now she herself is equally generous in her work for marginaliz boys an girls. “I achiev this because someone Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List gave me the skills as a young woman,” says Jamme, who in’t learn the alphabet until she was 16, but was able to write coe by 20 an has since learn seven programming languages. “When my voice is hear, the voice of young marginaliz girls is hear.” Currently , 3.6 billion people worlwie o not have access to the internet.

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This nes to change, but it is impossible without help from the public sector. igital technology can help brige the igital ivie, sai Hans Vestberg, chairman an CEO of Verizon Communications. “There’s a clear opportunity: we can DV Leads now create an inclusive worl faster by leveraging igital technology like we’ve never one before, because we’ve proven these tools work,” Vestberg sai at the WEF. “There is a risk that we will wien the gap in our society more quickly because more people are left behin – especially in vulnerable groups.

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