Day: August 26, 2023

Choose a framework that can adjust per the workload

  Choose a framework that can adjust per the workload and demand without compromising performance. Unit Testing Unit testing is a process in website development that facilitates testing minor components called units. This process is essential to ensure that the program is free of bugs. Hence, developers should select a framework that supports unit testing. […]

Postman This tool helps create, modify, and test Application

  Postman This tool helps create, modify, and test Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 6. Code pen It builds, deploys, and tests websites in a specific environment. Slack It is a cloud-based collaboration tool to enable seamless communication between team members. WebStorm It helps write JavaScript codes with ease. In addition to these tools, you also […]

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developer jobs in the U.S. are likely to increase by from This includes full-stack web development jobs. Furthermore, integrating multiple technologies such as cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Blockchain, and server less computing has made full-stack web development more popular. With that context, let’s understand […]

What is Paid Promote? Let’s Understand the Benefits & Strategies!

In addition, you need to determine the channel that you will use for your campaign, whether to use organic or paid channels. Organic campaigns that you can choose for example SEO, social media, or email marketing. Meanwhile, for paid campaigns, you can choose SEM, display ads, Facebook Ads, or others. Besides these things, paying attention to […]

 6 Examples of Product Branding Activities

The next thing that is quite important for you to consider in creating a digital campaign is determining your target audience or target market. To do this, one way is to build a buyer persona for your business. What are buyer personas? According to Hootsuite, a buyer persona is a detailed description of someone who represents your […]

What are Digital Campaigns? This is the understanding and tips for making it

Digital campaigns are very important in carrying out a marketing strategy. A successful digital marketing campaign can help you grow your business marketing. Maybe you have seen advertisement posts on Facebook or Instagram quite often about holiday discount promos or product give away events from a brand . Well, both are examples of part of […]

How can Developers Choose the Right Framework for App

Limited Native Features Secondly, cross-platform development often comes with limitations in accessing certain native features of each platform. Not all features available on a specific platform may be fully supported by a cross-platform framework. This, again, restricts the app’s capabilities. Platform Limitations Moreover, each platform has its unique features and functionalities. While cross-platform development tries […]