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Platforms to create a social media resume

Creating your portfolio can be a visually perfect complement to add to your resume and cover letter. Some benefits of the social portfolio: It provides you with differential value, not everyone has a social portfolio. You show recruiters and companies. The results achieved with your work; Show your achievements in a more visual and attractive […]

The news and trends of Online Marketing (2nd Agencies Meeting)

The news and trends of Online Marketing (2nd Agencies Meeting). Online Marketing and new technologies evolve so quickly that we constantly have news . If you work in the sector, you will know that it is important not to be left behind and to constantly live up to date with the latest trends. The 2nd […]

Accelerate the sales cycle with interactive content

We like to think of interactive content as fertile soil in which plants grow faster. Get bigger, and produce sweeter, more nutritious fruits. Excellent metaphor. Interactive content is like organic fertilizer that favors and accelerates your sales cycle by maintaining a constant flow of potential customers, even when times get tough. This last point is […]

video players for all formats

Video players  Which video player to download on Windows. Mac, Android or iOS? Before downloading any audiovisual playback program, first of all we have to look at our operating system. Since there are many options and not all of them are compatible with the different software. There are many programs to play audiovisual content on […]

Complete the information and make arrangements for the advertising payment system

The next step, you have to fill in what your ad will look like when it is displayed. On the Google search page. In this section, you must fill in the words as interesting as. Possible in order to lure the audience to click and buy the products you offer. You must fill in the […]

Reasons You Should Take a Digital Marketing Course in 2022

Based on data obtained from HubSpot, around 72% of. Customers visit a store within 8 km based on searches through search engines. By displaying detailed information on the website. It will increase the chances of customers buying and using your product or service. You can also create a website that makes it easy for customers […]

Improving Relationships with Customers

The next use or function of the website is to improve relationships with customers. You can request a customer’s telephone number, email, or social media which you can later use to make a product or service offer. In addition, you can increase customer engagement to interact with your business. Examples include creating forums, question-and-answer sessions, and […]

11 Benefits of Websites for Companies to MSME Businesses

By providing information such as economics, politics, and others, websites can act as educational media. In addition, the website is now widely used by several companies to create a webinar or online course. An example of using a website with a function as an educational medium, for example, is www.sasanadigilab.com. Website can be used as a […]