Day: August 28, 2023

Rapid Development of Technology

Basically, technology will continue to evolve. That way those of you who run an online business must do the same thing, namely continue to develop your business by continuing to follow existing technology trends.   Keeping abreast of existing technological developments can also make it easier for you to carry out business challenges if you are able […]

  So, in addition to being well positioned on search engines, users should enter your site and find what they want. well written texts Be objective with the text and watch out for grammatical errors. These are points for your texts to be considered well done. After all, many errors in the texts of your […]

5 Challenges in Business and Strategies to Overcome Them

In the digital era like now, of course you are familiar with seeing business people facing a lot of business problems and business challenges. Especially in online business which is the most popular business by many people.  Why is online business a favorite for prospective business people? The reason is because they don’t need to spend […]

Therefore, in this case, if a user seeks to clarify doubts on the internet, the first information found must then explain what that person wants to know. So Quality Scores, in addition to providing a quick assessment of your ad campaigns, also affect the outcome in key areas such as Ad Rank, for example. How […]

unique identifiers It has features that explicitly require some sort of unique identifier, but an impactful identity signal can help Google explain the names of things in its data to show up in the right searches. Search for conflicting or redundant data According to Google, a common problem is that several CMS plugins or separately […]

But, you can directly access the Data Highlighter tool. The sequence is as follows: upon entering, choose the property and click on Start Highlighting. You then enter the URL you want to configure the structured data and choose the markup formatting. Finally, just select the parts to mark, associate the information according to the chosen […]

rich snippets What is Rich Snippets Rich Snippets, or Google Snippets, are insertions of information directly into HTML that better organize and classify content. And so guide crawlers through your site more easily. In the SERP, they are displayed as separate information, so that they help the user to decide whether or not it is […]

Therefore, you send the necessary data for search engines to rank and even improve your position with White Hat SEO alone. Another tip to ease the implementation process is to use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper tool which is geared towards webmasters. Correctly structured data markup makes it easy for Google to provide the best […]

This is because if you have the main information exposed on the SERP, the internet user accesses the site with the certainty of the type of content he will find on the page. Structured data and unstructured data Structured data refers to a way of organizing data that will make it easier for search engines […]

Mainly because this identity leads to brand recognition and value. Think of the visual identity as a definer of who your company is. There are not few big brands in the market that have their images and colors in the consumer’s mind. It is not a simple job, it demands dedication, creativity, everyone’s participation. However, […]

Due to the needs of digital creations, the Google fonts API was born to bring competitive and concept advantages in visual identity creations. They are fonts rendered using a directory in the cloud, and do not need to be installed on the system of the person viewing the page. In addition to the free commercial […]

Apart from all these questions, don’t dismiss the technical details that have already been discussed in this article. brainstorming In brainstorming it is not discarded. Among those collected, there are always some that are fundamental in the creation of the visual identity manual. Having the ideas gathered, it is possible to create the first draft […]