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That people who are in wheelchairs for example really go off and squirm to get out banging their heads against the wall and so on. Then we always made sure that we cushion people a bit or Then you can still have a strong authoritarian position with little knowledge get representation. Gordon I like to […]

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Gordon Right right right. And that s also the next point when we come to the why You have to trust authorities that s also something we were taught to do. Vladislav That s right. I mean we are brought up from childhood to respect authority. That we re always nice to the police to […]

Markup When a Web Page First

Vladislav Melnik and I discuss Why authorities have a very specific demeanor and how they behave In which situation you would give me so many electric shocks until I fall off the chair and you won t mind Why you re taking the stage on your blog and getting an advance of authority from readers […]

Title the Element in Html

My everyday life chang so much that I didn’t even have time to answer the comments on my blog. But I found a way. Or rather, several ways to write at least 500 words a day. Why 500 Words This word count is neither too many nor too few. It is realistically easy to achieve […]

The Default Size of Your Fonts

However these latter spaces require constant activity. How to best use Facebook groups to boost your visibility? The answer in this article ! Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has proven to be useful not only for personal purposes, but also for professional purposes. It’s hard to create a marketing campaign today without including Facebook. […]